Double Indemnity

Directed by Billy Wilder, 1944

Written by Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler, from a novel by James M. Cain


Why does the film start from the end of the story, and then go back in time, via flashbacks accompanied by Walter's voiceover narration? How would the effect have been different if the story had been told chronologically? or without voiceover?

What are Neff's motivations? How much do we sympathize with him? How great is his guilt, compared to Phyllis'? Is he brought down by his own cynicism, or is he just a sexual dupe? What do you make of the sexual chemistry between Walter and Phyllis?

What is the visual style of the film? How are the various spaces different from one another (For instance, compare Phyllis' living room, Walter's apartment, and the insurance office).

How do you feel about the character of Keyes? What do you make of his "little man"?