Another interview

I am the latest academic to be interviewed on the excellent Canadian website, Figure/Ground Communications. My interview is here. I talk both about my own current research in Whitehead and speculative realism, and in science fiction, and about the current state of academia, at a time when “the university is under threat… from the relentless demands of capital accumulation, which has led to both the defunding of educational institutions, and their instrumentalization and monetization as nothing more than potential sources from which an economic profit may be extracted.”

One thought on “Another interview”

  1. An excellent interview, Steve. Thanks for continuing to draw attention to the exploitation of adjuncts in academia. During my time as an adjunct instructor at a private college, I was expected to teach 13 classes per year (!), along with various administrative responsibilities–all for very low pay and no benefits. I eventually escaped that environment, thankfully–but not everyone is so lucky.

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