3 thoughts on “Signs of Hope?”

  1. This is interesting…so strange how we haven’t seen much student demonstrations huh?

    On The View yesterday they made the point that 16 pets had died from the pet food poisoning and the media had been covering this story liek crazy…but meanwhile in the exact same amount of time, 29 young people had died as soldiers in combat in Iraq.

    I remember David Letterman used to trash some big companies…and I haven’t bought a G.E. light bulb in years. In fact this is tough way because to boycott war spending we might find we are surprised how many common articles are made by companies that are making gadgets and widgets for war…????

    And, computers themselves and internet was invented and created by military…what about cameras? That’s why we say “shoot” a picture because it was all military money inventing them…

    Great photo and post Pinochio theory!!!

  2. The SDS is on the rise again; seems like, all of a sudden, I am seeing them pop up in the places that I least expect them to. Signs of hope? I’d say so, if you read into their latest positions papers.

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