So, as an experiment, I have set up a Twitter account. No, I am not going to use it to report on taking my kids to the playground, or getting a latte at the local bakery/cafe. I just want to see what (if anything) I can say about music, books, movies, etc., within the ridiculous 160-140-character limit that Twitter has to offer.

8 thoughts on “Twitter”

  1. I’ve played with Twitter for a while, but I keep finding myself falling into Twitter’s “talk about my day” imperative. The biggest benefits I can see thus far is that it has helped me track a few blogs more attentively and it can function as a kind of IM so that I can exchange messages relatively quickly. One problem is that it’s very Google-able.

  2. I’ve been playing with the status function in Facebook the past few days … along with a whole bunch of people. My status isn’t so interesting but the collective movement of status is actually reassuring in some way – its the everydayness. I’ve also noticed a kind of minimalist experiment developing as regards the form … maybe because you know there’s an audience …

  3. Otherwise, if you feel that the 140-character limit is too little, you can set up a Tumblr-account , which can make for much the same minimal blogging.

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