Deleuze’s Aesthetics

I have been in Chicago the last few days, attending the annual meeting of SPEP (The Society for Phenomenological and Existential Philosophy). I gave a paper this afternoon as part of a panel on “Deleuze’s Aesthetics.” The talk will probably never be published as an article, since it is basically a patchwork, cobbled together from various passages taken from several chapters of my in-progress book on Kant, Whitehead, and Deleuze. But for what it’s worth, I am posting it here (pdf).

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  1. Thomas Camillieri says:

    I attended your paper on Deleuze and however “fragmented” it may have been, the task of clarifing the Kant/Deleuze debate is not only admirable, but I believe (and I sense you do as well) provides resources for utilizing Deleuze in new ways. So… thanks.

    Just don’t read so fast.


  2. Evan Dusheck says:

    Hello Steven,

    I also attended your paper at SPEP and very much enjoyed listening to the presentation. Even though it seemed a bit difficult to address fully everyone’s questions off-the-cuff, I found the discussion section very interesting and engaging.

    Thank You,

  3. glen says:

    have you seen Dan Smith’s intro to the new ed of _Francis Bacon_?

  4. Kirby Olson says:

    To what extent does Deleuzian aesthetics depend on Klossowski?

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