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  1. This made me want to interview you myself because they didn’t ask you any questions I wanted to ask.

    What do you think about Aki Kaurismaki’s movies these days? Do you still have a pet named Aki?

    How would you rank him (the film maker, not the dog) in your pantheon of contemporary film makers?

    Also, have you seen his brother Mika’s film, Zombie and the Ghost Train?

    Do you take Mika seriously as a film maker?

    What do you consider to be Aki’s best film?

    Do you know of any other contemporary Finnish film makers?
    Of course there’s Renny Harlin, I guess, in a sense, but I mean Finns who are making films in Finland. What other minor country cinemas do you feel are worth watching? (From languages with less than 7 million speakers, I mean.)

    Or is Aki sui generis in this regard?

  2. By the way, I thought you might want to evaluate this rock video from Finland. Some have rated it the worst music video in the world, but it has a strange pathos to it due to the biographical circumstances. It’s from a duet called Armi and Danny. Danny was a big star in finland and Armi won Miss Finland, and although married he went after Armi, promising marriage. She drank herself nearly to death and then finished herself off with pills in a slow decline over twenty years. So he was in fact a pretender. You get the picture?


    I love her accent on “pretender.”

    Not a film classic, but it was a monster hit in Finland when it first appeared. I hope you’ll like the dancing!

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