Speculative Realism talk

I’m back home from the Object Oriented Ontology symposium in New York. My own talk, “Pantheism And/Or Eliminativism” is not quite finished — I had to wing it a bit there at the end. And in any case, I am now reworking it for the SLSA conference next week (where I will be delivering it instead of the entirely unwritten talk that I originally planned to give).

I will post the text of my talk online, once I have finished it and revised it to my satisfaction.

In the meantime, Tim Morton livestreamed and archived the entire symposium. So you can watch the morning session, moderated by Ken Wark, and with talks by Graham Harman, Aaron Pedinotti, and myself, here. (The other talks and sessions are also archived on Tim’s blog).

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  1. dmf says:

    enjoyed your talk, was intrigued by the raising of differing genealogies (radical materialist and Romantic as I remember) and sorry that it came up so late in the Q&A as it had some promise I thought beyond the eliminativist/psychic split.

  2. Just saw the post-affect CONTAGION and am most interested in your response to this film if you’ve seen it!

  3. FYI, the discussion of eliminativism vs panpsychism, separatively unbinding vs. unbinding-by-uniting thought and being, was continued via Reza’s work after Ben’s talk on Saturday. The idea floated was for a topological resolution, where thought-being can be universal without being ‘everywhere’, due to weird foldings of local trauma. We also addressed the question of why shoggoths crush penguins!

    I look forward to seeing the final version of your talk.

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