Unauthorized Autobiographies

I am enchanted by the mini-genre of “Unauthorized Autobiographies.” Actually, I only know of two books that fit this genre: Chuck Barris’s wonderful Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, recently reissued because it has been made into a film, and the new one, of/by the pseudonymous Lemony Snicket….

The idea of “unauthorized” self-revelations is sheer genius, and it applies very well to Barris’ self-deprecating tale of his double life as game show producer and host, and hit man for the CIA.

I’m looking forward to seeing the film–I don’t know when it is going to open in Seattle–and to seeing Mr. Barris in person on a promised book tour–it has already been postponed once, but hopefully it will be rescheduled.

(I’ve long been a Barris aficionado; I am probably one of only five people in North America who has seen The Gong Show Movie, with its brilliant hommage to Fellini, four or more times).

As for Lemony Snicket’s unauthorized autobiography, I haven’t read it yet, but I can’t wait.