Jonathan Marks

The Center for the Study of Citizenship and the DeRoy Lecture Series 2006-2007
With the Department of Anthropology

Jonathan Marks, “Why The Race to Racialize Medicine is Better Lost”

Thursday, October 12, 4pm
Undergraduate Library, Community Room, Third Floor, Room 3210
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan

Jonathan Marks is Professor of Anthropology at University of North Carolina — Charlotte. He is the author of Human Biodiversity: Genes, Race and History (1995), What It Means to be 98% Chimpanzee: Apes, People, and Their Genes (2002), and Our Place in Nature: A Biological Anthropology (forthcoming), and of numerous articles on human genetics and evolution.

The talk will be moderated by Professor Jacalyn Harden (Anthropology), with responses by Professors John Kamholz (Medical School), Marsha Richmond (Interdisciplinary Studies) and Steven Shaviro (English).

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  1. mr waggish says:

    Marks was a professory of mine and is a great speaker. He’s suitably angry about the abuses of science and evolutionary biology/psychology.

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