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Sorry for the paucity of posts lately, but I have been trying to get as much as possible of the Whitehead book done this summer, so I haven’t been able to do much other writing. Anyway, I’ve finished (the first draft of) another chapter. Thanks to Warren Ellis for reminding me of this great Whitehead quote: “It is the business of the future to be dangerous.”

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  1. just reading through quickly (diss writing!), fn2 p2, deleuze also says something similar in The Fold:

    “For Leibniz, for Neietzsche, for William and Henry James, and for Whitehead as well, perspectivism amounts to a relativism, but not the relativism we take for granted. It is not a variation of truth according to the subject, but the conditions in which the truth of a variation appears to the subject.” p21

    I often think about this in terms of the difference between the X-Files (The truth is out there) versus CSI (Truth is a function of the evidence [of the crime-event]).

  2. To ask a slightly impertinent question–do you work in LaTeX? I’ve been trying, but I can’t get my citations/bib to look like that (in particular the dash for repeated authors…) Would you be willing to send along your .txt file?

    thanks for any help,

  3. Just thought you might want to know: the whitehead quote you mention, “it is the business of the future to be dangerous” is sampled on the DJ Spooky record “Riddim Warfare.” (I beleive its found on the first or second track…)


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