Lecture on GAMER

I will be at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, later this week, to give a talk:

“Some Years From This Exact Moment”: Neveldine/Taylor’s Gamer and the Control Society

Thursday, February 18, 7 pm, Holt Center, Trinity University.

For more information, see http://transmedia.trinity.edu

4 thoughts on “Lecture on GAMER”

  1. I’m a new reader and I would love to see this paper/talk! I’m sitting in Denver on a layover from the SWTXPCA conference in Albuquerque and saw this on my RSS feed…I’m intrigued indeed.

    Is there some way I might be able to see what you present? I can’t be at the conference, unfortunately. Teaching duties don’t permit.

    Good luck! Sounds fascinating.

  2. Hi Shaun — Noticed your question about the conference. We’re investigating the possibility of recording the public lecture and posting the video on-line. It won’t necessarily be real-time streaming, but we’re hoping to at least capture a record of the event. We’ll also be collecting a range of materials related to Steven’s talk on the web site devoted to the Reality Hackers lecture series. Feel free to contact me with any questions at: adelwich@trinity.edu

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