5 thoughts on “First reviews of Post-Cinematic Affect”

  1. hi there, I happened to get your book today and really love it.I’m not a philosophy-head at all (I’m more of a anthro/sociology person) but, I found your book absolutely fascinating and found your website by coincidence while studying “virtual” bio-security risk vis-a-vis Foucault and Deleuze (Paul Rabinow :Biosecurity Towards an anthropology of the contemporary).once again congrats
    p.s that Grace Jones video is wicked!

  2. Hi Steven,

    Great book, really. I read the earlier extended article that was published on Film-Philosophy, alongside the post on Slow Cinema/Fast Films, and it really helped me articulate some of the theoretical issues that engages me at the moment. I also wrote a short paper on these issues, in relation to your work, at Goldsmiths last year (where I’m doing the MA in Aural and Visual Cultures with Kodwo Eshun and Mark Fisher). It’s basically a DeLandian critique of Marxist cultural theory, so feel free to have a look at it if you want, on my own blog (http://intensivethinking.blogspot.com/2010/12/new-paper-on-delandas-political-economy.html). I know you don’t have much sympathy for this aspect of DeLanda’s work, but maybe you’ll still find it worth checking out. Anyway, despite my slightly different perspective on these issues, cheers for a great book (and blog).

    Jon Lindblom

  3. I read this and of course loved it – you inspired me to see Southland Tales, and your writing on the antiMulveyan masochistic gaze in the Cinematic Body was truly liberating. You should check out my blog and maybe link to it once you realize how infused it is by your insight. (www.acidemic.blogspot.com) – PS – of course you love the Black Swan, and Aronofsky in general. Even moreso than Cronenberg who can become too clinical, he’s like the poetic realization of some of your theories…

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