Julian Dibbell

The DeRoy Lecture Series 2006-2007

Julian Dibbell

“PLAY MONEY: Gold Farms, Polar Bear Rugs, and the Theory and Practice of Contemporary Ludocapitalism”

Julian Dibbell has, in the course of over a decade of writing and publishing, established himself as one of digital culture’s most thoughtful and accessible observers. He is the author of two books on virtual worlds, My Tiny Life (Henry Holt, 1999) and Play Money (Basic, 2006), and has written essays and articles on hackers, computer viruses, online communities, encryption technologies, music pirates, and the heady cultural, political, and philosophical questions that tie these and other digital-age phenomena together. Currently a contributing editor for Wired magazine, he lives in South Bend, Indiana.

Friday, November 10, 3pm
English Department Seminar Room (5057 Woodward, room 10302)
Detroit, Michigan

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  1. Yellow Dog says:

    […] At lunch yesterday with Julian Dibbell, the four of us there engaged in a brief discussion of gaming, to which I noted: “I’m interested in the work done on gaming…but some of it, to me, is too geeky. I’m not a geek when it comes to gaming.” To which Dibbell asked: “Well, what are you geeky about?” […]

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